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Welcome lords and ladies to the tale of Marla Wolfblade, the female warrior who in time is going to make her way into the upper ranks of the nobility and achieve paramount ranks of renown and glory for herself and her future kingdom. Join me in this M&B Warband Floris Let's play!

Marla Wolfblade: HistoryEdit

I was born many years ago, in a land far away. My father was a veteran warrior. As a child, my family scrabbled out a meagre living from my father's wages as a guardsman to the local lord. It was not an easy existence, and I was too poor to get much of an education. I learned mainly how to defend myself on the streets, with or without a weapon in hand.

I started to learn about the world almost as soon as I could walk and talk. I spent my early life as a noble in training. As a girl growing out of childhood, I was trained and educated to the duties of a noble woman. I learned much about household arts, but even more about diplomacy and decorum, and all the things that a future husband might choose to speak of. Truly, I became every inch as shrewd as any lord though it would be rude to admit it.

Then, as a young adult, life changed as it always does. I became a bravo. Though the distinction felt sudden to me, somewhere along the way I had become a woman, and the whole world seemed to change around me. I left my old life behind to travel the roads as a mercenary, a bravo, guarding caravans for coppers or bashing in heads for sivils. I became a daughter of the open road, working with bandits as often as against. Going from fight to fight, I grew experienced in battle, and I learned what it was to kill.

But soon everything changed and I decided to strike out on your own as an adventurer. What made me take this decision was the loss of my father. I could not stay with the painful memories of those I loved so close. Perhaps my new life in Calradia will let me forget or honour my father's name. As a common woman I may face great difficulties establishing myself in this new land of Calradia with their patriarchal society and demeaning looks at women but I will show these fools that I am a force to be reckoned with.

Marla's JournalEdit

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